Whether you’re buying, selling, renting or managing property, All Clear are your specialist Property Service provider.

All Clear was formed with the commitment to deliver a specialist property service for customers who own, buy, sell, rent or manage property in the most credible, accurate and timely manner possible.

Our service is designed to ensure there is NO conflict of interest for our customers, our staff are full-time subject matter experts, we don’t employ third parties to conduct our field work and we don’t undertake any remedial work.

We believe the New Zealand public deserves the best in uncompromised, professional property services,  we operate in strict accordance with all applicable standards including NZS8510:2017

Check out our services, FAQ’s, what our customers have to say or get in touch if you would like to find out more.

All Clear is a proud member of SiteSafe, as an organisation, we are committed to a culture of health & safety.


As a market leader in the property services industry, All Clear is proud to partner with another leader, Analytica Laboratories, to provide the best in reliable and quality analysis services.

A visionary laboratory, Analytica has gone from strength to strength, having built a strong position in the New Zealand environmental and food industries by offering innovative new testing options to customers.

Analytica Laboratories is working at the leading edge of new test developments, with a team of passionate and experienced technical staff, their testing capability is valued by leading businesses both in NZ and internationally. All Clear’s testing methodology and Analytica’s analyses produce a result you can trust.

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