If you need pragmatic, innovative and market leading Scientific and risk management solutions , All Clear must be your first choice.

All Clear was formed with the commitment to deliver specialist scientific and technical risk management solutions in the most credible, accurate and timely manner possible.

Our service is designed to ensure there is NO conflict of interest for our customers. All our staff are full-time subject matter experts and we don’t employ third parties to conduct our field work. This combined with our objectivity and pragmatism, ensures freedom from any conflict of interest.

We believe the New Zealand public deserves the best in uncompromised, professional risk-management services. All of our services are undertaken in accordance with all relevant standards, including NZS4306:2005, NZS 4514:2009 and NZS8510:2017* supported by the precision of our IANZ accredited independent Laboratory partners.

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All Clear is a proud member of SiteSafe, as an organisation, we are committed to a culture of health & safety.


As market leaders in their respective industries, All Clear is proud to partner with Hill Laboratories to provide exceptional analytical services.

Constantly striving for excellence, Hill Laboratories attention to detail, focus on innovation, industry-leading systems, and the desire to continually improve their service has kept them at the forefront of analytical testing in New Zealand since 1984.

As an independent IANZ accredited laboratory, impartial and accurate information of results are guaranteed every time.

Hill Laboratories has remained consistent in providing New Zealanders with the best in Analytical  Testing for over 30 Years. A visionary laboratory, going from strength to strength, becoming New Zealand’s largest privately owned analytical laboratory. With a dedicated highly qualified team the experience and knowledge to tackle any analytical testing scenario is second to none.

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Working alongside another market leader, All Clear is proud to partner with Focus Analytics to provide world class asbestos testing services in bulk materials, soils, and air for both residential and commercial premises.

IANZ accredited, Focus Analytics has a team of highly trained and skilled analysts, with two laboratories located in Auckland & Tauranga.


The team at Focus Analytics understand that speed and accuracy are essential with two laboratories servicing the industry, they ensure these commitments are always met to their customers. Focus Analytics and All Clear are dedicated to helping keep New Zealand safe. With All Clears asbestos surveying methodology and Focus Analytics testing analysis you are in safe hands.

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Cavius has inspired the world of alarms, proudly protected homes, and saved lives since 2008. The unique, Danish design, brings you not only the world’s smallest smoke alarms – but also the most advanced technology and intelligent features.

CAVIUS-Logo (Aug 2019)

The Cavius alarms use premium components to ensure reliability in performance, stability, and the alarm will be 100% operational during their lifetime of 10 years. During the manufacturing stage, 100% of all Cavius alarms are tested in a smoke tunnel to ensure the right calibration and is checked in an echoic room for sound output test.

Samples from each production week are sent to an accredited lab and an external audit company will inspect and test the alarms before shipping them to the retailer.