All Clear marks World Environment Day

World Environment Day June 5th, 2022.

World Environment Day is a day for collective action to protect and restore the natural state of our planet. This day provides a global platform for inspiring positive change, it is now the largest global environmental event with over 150 countries participating. In Aotearoa, All Clear is proudly doing our part in our corner of the world to safeguard the pristine natural environment.

The top 5 contributors to climate change in New Zealand include transport, electricity, gas, water, and waste. All Clear is aware that our services are encompassed within these 5 sectors. Which is why All Clear prides itself in taking initiative and being proactive, taking action to reduce our overall environmental impact.

All Clear is committed to the innovation and implementation of mitigation strategies as well as sustainability goals across the entirety of our company (services, offices, fleet and so on). An aim of these efforts is to enhance the opportunities for well-informed company and community wide sustainable actions. Ultimately, helping to support New Zealand’s Greenhouse Gas Emission Targets and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Therefore, we believe it is important to acknowledge and raise awareness on important milestones of sustainability such as World Environment Day. All Clear encourages all to celebrate and raise action this World Environment Day and take part in global, transformative change, fostering sustainable practices for generations to come.