All Clear proudly marks Earth Day 2022

Earth Day provides an opportunity for All Clear to demonstrate our support for environmental protection. Earth Day falls on April 22nd and is an annual event dedicated to providing awareness surrounding various environmental challenges that face our planet.


All Clear is committed to actively safeguarding the Earth’s natural resources as best we can. The newly established Sustainability Committee has come together to evaluate and proactively assess areas where everyday actions can be adapted, leading to a reduction in All Clear’s environmental footprint.


Examples of the Sustainability Committees actions include, providing reusable keep cups for the team, establishing robust recycling stations at both our Auckland and Christchurch offices, as well as evaluating internal processes and finding creative solutions to better align everyday actions with sustainable practices.


Sustainability is at the forefront of All Clear’s actions as a business. The majority of our vehicle fleet consists of hybrid models and our services have moved from being largely paper based to electronic. These actions have significantly decreased All Clear’s environmental footprint and the smaller, everyday actions our team is educated and empowered to make contribute to this positive change.


Earth Day is a day of reflection, awareness, and education. All Clear has taken this opportunity to reflect on how far our company has come in the realm of sustainability and to look forward to into the future. Every change, big or small has an impact and All Clear continues to be an environmentally conscious and progressive business and we are committed to instilling the best practices to encourage sustainability both in our company and the wider community.