COVID-19 POLICY & OPERATIONAL PLAN – Return to L1 February 2021

Updated | Tuesday 23rd February

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, as a business we want to keep you updated about the plans we have implemented to keep our people and clients safe while providing our services.

We are committed to doing everything we can to keep our employees and customers healthy and minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19. We have advised our team of the following guidelines which apply at Level 2/1 and are to be strictly enforced:

From Tuesday 23rd February

  •  The Business will attend to all work in accordance with the below operational plan

Employee & client health and safety Operational Plan

Health & Safety while in the field

  • If the property we are attending is occupied we will not attend sites where we suspect, identify or are informed of occupants that have any flu like symptoms, or confirmed cases of COVID-19, or have any occupants in any type of isolation


  • Employees have been trained on the importance of maintaining good hygiene practices and hand sanitiser and other Personal Protective equipment have been placed in all our company vehicles and will be used (as required) when attending to any jobs





  • We operate world-class scheduling and customer management systems which track every action by job, by employee every minute of the day – these systems also use advanced GPS-Tracking technology so we know the whereabouts of all our field staff


  • In the unlikely event any contact tracing needed to occur, this data can be provided to facilitate complete traceability of a staff member’s movements and contacts over any period – with the data available within minutes


Our Offices


  • Our offices will reopened on Thursday 18th February 2021


  • Our offices & other facilities will undergo a deep cleaning at least once per week, with high-touch surfaces cleaned each day when staff are present


  • We ask customers to interact with our team by either online chat, phone or email where possible


These policies and procedures will be reviewed on a daily basis


Please don’t hesitate to contact us here should you have any questions