house-for-sale Meth screening tests for buying or selling a home
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Anyone who has an interest in ensuring their environment or assets are free of Methamphetamine contamination. Landlords, tenants, vendors and prospective buyers of property should all consider undertaking testing on properties.

The cost associated with undertaking a test is nothing compared to the costs of remediation, or potential costs of being held accountable for a contaminated property let alone the health effects associated with exposure – it makes sense to test first.

In our experience, a clear commitment around screening, especially proactively – can be a strong deterrent to those considering using these facilities for illegal activities.

  • Landlords & Property managers – At the start and end of a tenancy (one test per tenancy) or high risk Holiday homes between usage or on a scheduled basis
  • Tenants – Before moving into a property, ensuring there is no pre-existing issues. Safeguard your health and protect yourself from being held accountable for previous tenants’ behaviors.
  • Licensed real estate salespeople – Before listing a property for sale
  • Prospective buyers – As part of the due-diligence process undertake a test as part of the “toxicology” clause
  • Lawyers – Recommend as part of your clients’ due-diligence process undertaking a test as part of the “toxicology” clause.
  • Vendors – Rule our any issues before putting your property on the market and undertaking a marketing campaign,  ruling out any issues
  • Property managers – Testing rental properties and holiday homes between usage or on a scheduled basis
  • Employers – Testing company motor vehicles as part of your PCBU obligations to employees
  • Banks/Financiers – Protect your interest in the underlying real estate asset by recommending your clients undertake a test as part of the “toxicology” clause in the due-diligence process
  • Insured Parties/Insurers – Protecting your investment in Real Estate & ensuring policy exclusion compliance