MethClear™ is pleased to announce the launch of its market-leading Advantage Apartment Express Service

MethClear™ is pleased to announce the launch of its market-leading Advantage Apartment Express Service

MethClear™ began with the purpose of developing a business built on pragmatism and fact.
By eliminating sensationalism, we have fast become market leaders and innovators.

This announcement is specifically timed to coincide with the official arrival of March madness, Auckland’s peak month for congestion as more than 100,000 university students join the city’s commute.

“Over the last few months we have looked closely at some of the complications of delivering our services in Auckland central, as well as considering significant factors such as smaller dwelling size, lower average rents and more frequent turn of tenants – The result of the process was the development of a dedicated Apartment service with a highly aggressive price point” says Co-Founder & Director, Adam Gordon.

The MethClear™ Advantage Apartment Express Service is operated using a dedicated commercial Scooter based from our Kingsland Headquarters.

“Operations based on scooter allow us to cut out many of the costs associated with navigating Auckland’s streets, traffic, construction and high inner-city parking costs; while still allowing us to continue to deliver the same high service standard”

Whether you are a landlord or Property Manager about to rent an Apartment or small Dwelling in Auckland central or you’re considering purchasing an Apartment, then the Advantage Apartment Express service is a perfect choice from just $209.95 Including GST.

Full details on the Service is here

The Service area includes the following
• Auckland CBD
• Arch Hill
• Eden Terrace
• Epsom
• Freemans Bay
• Grafton
• Grey Lynn
• Herne Bay
• Kingsland
• Morningside
• Mount Eden
• Newmarket
• Newton
• Parnell
• Ponsonby
• Saint Marys Bay
• Westmere
• Western Springs

Warning signs of possible meth issues:

• Presence of security cameras and surveillance equipment
• Rent in arrears or cash payments
• Bottles of expensive distilled water
• Stained glass equipment or cookware
• Discolouration on walls, sinks, toilets, showers, drains, gas bottle valves or fire
• Unusual and strong odours such as solvents, paint thinner, cat urine, ammonia
or vanilla
• Locks on internal doors
• Irregular sleep patterns of occupants
• Visitors to the property at questionable times and frequencies
• Complaints from neighbours about activities at the premises

MethClear’s solid reputation for its testing services, and the increasing demand in Auckland Central for their services, has enabled it to extend its range of services with a specialised Apartment option.

Please contact the Team on 0508 METHCLEAR (638425), 093920000 or email or visit for more information.

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