MethClear™ services now available in the Coromandel.

MethClear is pleased to announce it has now extended its meth testing services to the Coromandel.

MethClear™ began with the purpose of developing a business built on pragmatism and fact.
By eliminating sensationalism, we have fast become market leaders and innovators.

“Methamphetamine is such a fraught subject and, so it should be, given its awful impact on users and the environment. We’ve personally experienced the sensationalism that surrounds meth testing, and we weren’t impressed. So, we decided to develop a business that cut through all this. Something property managers, landlords and buyers could feel secure in utilising” says Co-Founder & director, Adam Gordon.

MethClear™ performs the majority of meth testing services for large Property Management and Real Estate firms in Auckland, the Waikato and more recently the Bay of Plenty. The company, which is completely independent of any meth cleaning or remedial services provider, has now luanched in the Coromandel and promises to provide landlords with honest, straight answers at far more affordable prices than the Coromandel region has been paying until now.

“The real risk in the Coromandel is short stay accommodation” says Gordon. The anonymity afforded to those who book property via online accommodation sites means tenants and property owners/managers often never actually meet. These short-stays are not covered under a traditional RTA’s (Residential Tenancy Agreements), and as such most major insurers have removed cover for Landlords in relation to methamphetamine consumption by those using their property. This is a real concern for honest landlords and holiday home owners looking to obtain some rental income when they’re not utilising the family batch themselves”.

“It’s vital people know what to look for in both a property, and in a meth testing company. Not all meth tests are created equal. We are absolutely committed to eductaing people on the facts involved so landlords, property managers and home buyers can make informed decisions about whether they want a meth test carried out or not.” says Head of Field Services & Science, Rouxleen Burger (BSc – Environmental Science)

Warning signs of possible meth issues:

• Presence of security cameras and surveillance equipment
• Rent in arrears or cash payments
• Bottles of expensive distilled water
• Dead vegetation and evidence of soil disturbance
• Stained glass equipment or cookware
• Discolouration on walls, sinks, toilets, showers, drains, gas bottle valves or fire
• Unusual and strong odours such as solvents, paint thinner, cat urine, ammonia
or vanilla
• Locks on internal doors
• Irregular sleep patterns of occupants
• Visitors to the property at questionable times and frequencies
• Complaints from neighbours about activities at the premises

MethClear’s solid reputation for its testing services, and the increasing demand in the Coromandel for their services, has enabled MethClear to extend its services further across the North Island.

Please contact the Team on 0508 METHCLEAR (638425), 093920000 or email

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