Pre Departure Covid Test Auckland & Christchurch, Supervised RAT Test For Travel

Pre Departure COVID Test Auckland and Christchurch – Supervised PCR or RAT Test For Travel

All Clear provides convenient pre-departure COVID tests in Auckland and Christchurch. Fit-to-Fly testing available 7-days, valid for international travel. We offer:

  • RT-PCR Saliva Tests:

    Comfortable, easy to administer and non-invasive (nasal swab not required). Lab results are usually available within one day. (Price from $149.95)

  • Supervised RAT Test For Travel:

    Rapid Antigen (RAT) Tests are becoming more widely accepted by international destinations. Less expensive and quick, with results available within 15-30 minutes. (Price from $69.95 and $49.95 for 2nd and subsequent travellers)

Our COVID-19 Testing Service is different

  • Your Place – We come to you !
  • Your Time - We will book a day and time that works for you - and considers when you need your results and how long they need to be valid for
  • Your Convenience - We work around your schedule
  • Non-Invasive - Saliva PCR tests do not require an uncomfortable nasopharyngeal swab
  • Fast Turn Around - Rapid Antigen (RAT) Test results available in 15-30 minutes; Saliva PCR test lab results generally available next day

Expert help and advice is just a phone call away 093920009 or email

We also offer other specialised scientific services, contact us for more information. All COVID-19 pricing stated is GST Inclusive & subject
to change without notice. Business hours: Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm (Excl. Public Holidays), after hours & weekend services
are available – contact us for more information. A surcharge may apply for remote locations

All Clear COVID-19 Testing FAQ’s

PCR Saliva Testing Rapid Antigen Testing
  • Highly Accurate – PCR tests have a high sensitivity rate which means they can detect small amounts of the virus in a person. Accuracy for a PCR test is close to 100%
  • Longer validity Period – Generally a PCR test is valid for 7 Days after the results are received, Meaning longer period between tests.
  • Quick and easy to provide sample – Donor can provide sample and return to work once it is handed over to the technician. This means less disruption to the workplace.
  • Quicker turnaround time for results than a nasal swab – PCR Saliva tests generally return results within 12 – 24 hours
  • Less invasive than a nasal swab – not everyone is comfortable with a nasal swab being inserted up the nose. A saliva test avoids this discomfort and is easy to provide.
  • Are accepted in more locations for travel – PCR Saliva tests are the standard accepted by most countries. Only a few accept RAT tests and only a few require nasal swabs.
  • Can be too sensitive – may show a positive result in a person when they are no longer contagious (after recovery).
  • Samples can only be tested in a lab – results rely on laboratory process times and take longer than a Rapid Antigen test.
  • Easy to use – Samples can be self-administered when supervised by a trained technician.
  • Results are available in 15-30 minutes – when administered correctly the results will come through in about 15 – 30 minutes.
  • Do not rely on Laboratory – Results are shown immediately on the testing strip giving peace of mind.
  • Less expensive – costs of Rapid Antigen Tests are far less than laboratory costs.
  • Very accurate when high concentrations of the virus are present – Rapid Antigen Test require higher concentrations of the Covid-19 virus to give a positive result. So, if you come back positive, chances are you have the virus in your system.
  • Far less accurate than a PCR test – Rapid Antigen tests can only detect the virus in about 80% of people with the virus present as they require higher concentrations of the virus to be present.
  • Higher rate of false negatives – Rapid Antigen tests require higher concentrations of the virus to detect a positive. Meaning that if a person is in the early stages of the illness, an antigen test is less likely to pick up the virus; or if a person has a lower viral load (often a symptom of vaccination) the Rapid Antigen Test is likely to show a false negative.
  • Uncomfortable for many people - Still requires a swab to be stuck up the nasal cavity which can be extremely uncomfortable, especially when frequency of testing is high.
  • Easily faked if not supervised – Samples can be counterfeited by a third party.
  • Can be time consuming to wait for results when testing large numbers of people.

Please book the test through our website by selecting one of the options above. You will need to provide the following details:
• Full Name (As printed on passport)
• Date of Birth
• Contact Phone Number
• Contact Email Address
• Unique Identifier (e.g., NHI Number, Passport or Driver’s License number) available.
• Flight Itinerary details
• Home or Work Address where we will meet you to collect samples.

Our team will be in touch with you within the business day to confirm your booking via the email address provided. Your appointment time and date are selected to ensure the results can be provided to you on time.
Please double check that the appointment date, time, and test time meet the specific requirements of your trip.
Please call us to arrange any bookings for weekends or public holidays first. Bookings are only subject to confirmation from our team.

The PDF Report / Lab Certificate will include:
• Your name
• Date of Birth
• Gender
• Unique Identifier (e.g., NHI Number, Passport or Driver’s License number)
• The Date and Time of Test
• Type of test (RT-PCR) and the result

All Clear will visit you at your home or workplace to complete sample collection. After a quick check-in process to confirm your identity, clients are provided a sample pottle that they will need to deposit 2mL of saliva into. It is a pain-free, quick, and easy process.

We have extensive experience in following accurate scientific procedures to ensure sample and information collection is both adequate and correct. By engaging us to oversee the sample collection process we can ensure accuracy at every step of the process as well as providing a convenient solution to ongoing COVID-19 surveillance requirements.

Typically the entire process will take less than ten minutes.

In short YES! Both Saliva and nasopharyngeal sampling methods have a very similar laboratory process. SalivaDirect is an extraction-free, dulapex RT-qPCR laboratory developed test validated with reagents and instruments from multiple vendors and was submitted for FDA emergency use Authorization in July 2020. While saliva testing is more affordable, easier to collect and safer, collection of nasopharyngeal swabs has been associated with variable, inconsistent, and false negative test results due to the technical difficulties of taking a proper swab.

Our Saliva testing is only available for asymptomatic individuals. If you have been at a location of interest, have COVID-19 symptoms or are feeling unwell, we encourage you to follow all Ministry of Health guidelines and seek medical advice.

The saliva sample is easy to produce and does not involve the discomfort associated with inserting a swab, especially a nasopharyngeal swab, into the nose or mouth.

As a self-collected sample, saliva is more acceptable to collect, especially for those needing regular testing.

The sample collection process is designed so that no one will touch your sample. Suitable PPE gear is worn by all our staff and the collection site will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. Everyone who enters a collection site will also be encouraged to use Hand sanitizer as well as the NZ Ministry of Health COVID Tracer App.

After Collection, the samples are transported to the laboratory for processing. You can normally expect result with 24-30hrs. The provision of results is coordinated with your organisation.

COVID-19 is a notifiable disease and therefore once a positive result is confirmed in the laboratory the All-Clear Team will immediately advise the local Medical Officer of Health and your organisation to ensure you get the health support you require as soon as possible. A diagnostic swab test should be taken as soon as possible.

Thirty (30) minutes before your test: No teeth brushing, mouthwash, food, fluids, vaping, smoking, or chewing gum. Note, hydrating well earlier in the day will help you to salivate during your test.

We understand that plans can change so we ask that you please refrain from booking your test until your itinerary is confirmed. It is also important to ensure that the Saliva PCR test is an approved testing method by your chosen destination. Currently our Saliva PCR test Does not meet the entry requirements for Queensland Australia, Western Australia, Fiji, Italy, China, and Egypt. If your flights change, no problem – please get in touch so we can transfer your booking to another date/time. There is no fee to change your booking, however if a different service is required (weekend or urgent service vs standard) then an extra fee may be levied.

In the event of you requesting to cancel our services we can process a refund back onto your nominated card (or bank account if you paid via PoliPay). We do charge an administrative / booking fee for all refunds of $30 + GST per sample originally booked. This fee encompasses 3rd party credit card fees incurred, our time consulting with you, booking in the job and time processing the refund.

Yes, All Clear do provide Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) pre-departure fit-to-fly services. However this is only accepted by some destinations. Please select your destination in our decision tree to see which services are available.

Expert help and advice is just a phone call away 093920009 or email