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A key part of managing the risks associated with COVID-19 in workplaces is ensuring that hygiene (cleaning and disinfection) practices are working effectively to remove any traces of the virus that may remain on surfaces. While close contact with infected individuals is the primary form of transmission, people can still contract the virus by touching surfaces contaminated with the virus.

COVID-19 surface sampling (validation testing) is therefore a vital step in ensuring the workplace is safe for re-occupation and does not pose an exposure risk.

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There are a number of scenarios where COVID-19 Surface Testing can help a business manage the risks associated with COVID-19. Some examples include, but are not limited to: 

  • After a deep clean has been completed following a recorded positive case
  • To validate disinfection and cleaning protocols and procedures
  • Shortly after modifying or implementing a new disinfection and cleaning procedure
  • Periodically evaluate the effectiveness of current disinfection procedures
  • Testing imported products/goods prior to use/distribution
  • Testing of products/goods prior to export.
  • Part of internal/external audits

If a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 is identified within a workplace, the property is required to undergo a deep clean to disinfect and remove any residual traces of the virus. To ensure that the cleaning and disinfection process was conducted successfully and no traces of the virus remain, validation testing is necessary. 



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