ALL CLEAR SMOKE ALARM SERVICE – Compliance certificate issued same Business day


Are you a landlord or property manager about to rent a property?


When customers are looking for an independent inspection and compliance report on a property then this service is ideal.

Perfect for Landlords & Property Managers


Working smoke alarms are your only voice. make your voice heard, get your smoke alarms sorted with All Clear 

  • Onsite comprehensive assessment of all smoke alarms in the property – Residential Services Only
  • Installation and maintenance of smoke alarms in the property, including.
    • Verify expiry date of all installed alarms
    • Replace expired alarms with new, compliant 10yr alarms
    • Replace batteries in all existing alarms with removable 9V batteries
    • Install additional alarms if required to ensure compliance
    • Check all alarms for audible notification (chirp)
    • Check all alarms for visual notification (flashing light)
    • Clean all alarms with ant-static wipe and compressed air
    • Record all details in the All Clear database
    • Issue compliance certificate to Landlord or Property Manager
  • Market leading Cavius Smoke alarms fitted (during site visit) for $44.95 Incl GST
  • All smoke alarms installed are photoelectric (PE) with a battery life of at least eight years and are compliant with AS3786:1993 or equivalent
  • All work done is in compliance with tenancy services smoke alarm requirements – Including placement in accordance with NZS 4514:2009
  • Smoke alarm compliance certificate will be issued the same day
  • Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (excl. Public Holidays), After Hours & Weekend services are available – Contact us for more information.
  • A surcharge may apply for remote locations

The Scope of our Smoke Alarm services are detailed here 


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