Due to the increasing demand for remediation updates to reports and Section 13A statements, we have built a comprehensive self service feature allowing clients to upload photos and relevant information for our reporting team to review, without the need to send emails.

We anticipate this new feature will considerably reduce reporting turnaround times as we will consistently receive the required information to easily issue updated reports/statements.

This great Self Service Feature built by our awesome kiwi developers, is now live for you to utilise.

The recent features we’ve added include –

  • The ability to quickly review the status of your properties and whether remediation is required for compliance
  • The ability to upload photos and files for each non-compliant section individually
  • Add comments relating to the information you have uploaded
  • Quickly send the information to our reporting team to review
  • Once  submitted in ACSP our team will be able to quickly review and issue report updates as required

As a business we are dedicated to providing the best service possible to clients and are committed to creating a portal that is customer friendly, easy to use and time efficient.

These further updates are just the beginning of the vision we have for the growth of the platform.

Please note : Due to these changes, we will cease accepting email reporting updates from the 15th December 2021

Check out the new functionality for yourself here – and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have questions on 093920000 or support@allclear.nz