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Healthy Homes Compliance Service
Mould & Moisture consulting - Microbiology Services
Smoke alarm services
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We’ve looked into the issues affecting our clients and designed a suite of market leading services accordingly. Working with our clients we are passionate about helping to deliver healthier homes and businesses to all New Zealanders.

Our experience, combined with our clear commitment to always doing right by our customers means our services are designed with our clients in mind and priced to deliver very cost effective outcomes.

  • Businesses & Other PCBU’s – Comprehensive portfolio of pragmatic scientific, compliance and risk management solutions
  • Individual Clients – We can help you meet your compliance obligations with a safe, responsive, independent & market leading service.
  • Landlords & Property Managers – Inter-tenancy we can assist with all compliance related inspections giving the property a clean bill of health prior to a tenancy commencing. Mid tenancy we are there to provide ad-hoc inspections and tests as required.
  • Tenants – Before moving into a property you can enjoy peace of mind by viewing one or more of our detailed reports.
  • Contractors – Review one of our reports prior to entering or commencing building works on site.
  • Tenancy Services –  Know that all our services are delivered in strict accordance with current Tenancy Law and in adherence with any applicable standards.