Replacement of devices nearing expiration

Only Alarms expiring within 6mths will be replaced at the time of the inspection.


Replacement of 9V (Removable Battery) Alarms – Installed prior to July 1st 2016

Only Expired Alarms will be replaced, except where they are not functioning, or an expiry date cannot be verified. Ionisation type devices in Required for Compliance locations will be removed and replaced with a photoelectric device.


Safety Working at Height

Our team carry ladders which allow them to work safely to a maximum height of 3m – If the alarm location requires access above this height and no alternative compliant location can be found (or for any other health & safety reasons), then an additional staff member may be required to complete the assessment.

A charge of $29.00 Excl GST will apply.


Removal of Extra Smoke Alarms

Additional alarms, not required for compliance purposes (Including 9V removable battery alarms) will be checked for performance compliance, recorded in our database and managed until they reach their expiry date. – At which point they will be removed – However, if we receive requests to attend site for troublesome alarms, these will be removed and only replaced if specifically requested by the customer – In which case a charge may apply for replacement devices.


Removal of historic Alarm Base Plates

We will not remove historic alarm base plate from properties


Removal of expired alarms from properties

We will remove ALL expired alarms from properties


Occupants Removing or Damaging Alarms under our management

Attendance to site is covered under the annual service fee. However, any damaged or missing devices within the same 12mth period will be charged for accordingly


Residential Services Only

The scope of our service only encompasses Residential properties and does not include complex wide systems – The client will be required to contact the equipment’s service agent for support.


Interconnected Alarm Systems

Whilst we are able to perform compliance assessment testing on interconnected alarm systems (placement, operation, interconnection and sound level), this relies on the required literature being left on-site and available to our technicians. Access to a hush or silence function is also required (this may include an alarm code) – If these are not available or the devices are not able to be verified as compliant, or if the backup battery or another element requires replacement, the customer will be required to contact the equipment’s service agent for support.

If this occurs the customer may request the installation of 10Yr Photo Electric Smoke alarms to ensure compliance while the Interconnected system is assessed.

Our Smoke Alarm Device 


Model  : ACGL-001PE  | 10 Year Sealed Battery Photoelectric Smoke Alarm 

  • Power Source: DC3V ( built-in CR 123A)
  • Quiescent Current:≤2uA
  • Alarming mode: ≤120mA
  • Alarming Decibel: ≥85dB/3m
  • Size: (diameter) 101 x34mm
  • Low battery signal
  • Push to Test
  • HUSH Feature
  • Warranty | 12th Return to base warranty (RTB) – Please Contact us to for more information
    • Please Note : Clients with an active subscription will receive on-site support as part of our Subscription Smoke Alarm Service