Incorporating sustainability principles into our business strategy and the way we operate is an imperative part of All Clear’s commitment to making a difference. As a business we acknowledge the essential role Corporate Social Responsibility plays in creating long-term value, alongside meeting our internal values for a safer, healthier environment.

Our internal processes incorporate a strong focus towards environmental and ethical aspects of doing business. We are constantly looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact and safeguard our natural resources. Our systems and processes were developed with advanced technology, enabling majority of our services to be paperless. This drastically reduces our waste as a company, illustrating our commitments towards sustainable business practices.

All Clear is a highly mobile business with a heavy reliance on vehicles. In an effort to reduce our CO2 emissions, the decision was made to make a significant financial investment into replacing our traditional petrol vehicles with hybrid models. The beginning of 2021 saw us reach the milestone of converting over 75% of our operational vehicles. Our immediate goal is to have a 100% hybrid fleet by the end of 2021, which will dramatically reduce our CO2 emissions.

Companywide we are revisiting our relationships with our energy and consumable product providers, to ensure we meet our sustainability vision. All Clear is committed to instilling best practices to encourage sustainability in our company and wider community.