Team Member Profile – Liz Clarke | Senior Consultant









As a senior consultant, Liz brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. Previously specialising as a health safety and environmental consultant for a leading consultancy in Melbourne, Australia, Liz worked on a diverse range of projects for residential, commercial, construction and government-based clients.

Liz’s expertise spans across multiple fields, including hazardous material assessments (including asbestos and lead), mould investigation and remediation projects, large-scale asbestos hygiene (removal) works, land contamination and environmental site assessments. Liz enjoys working closely with clients and colleagues to find tailored solutions to a clients’ problems and help achieve safer workplaces and homes. This has included the development of individualised management plans, reports and procedures to assist clients with managing potentially hazardous materials and substances in the workplace.

Her expertise is backed by a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Wildlife Conservation Biology) with Honours. In addition, she has previously worked as an educator and has consequently been involved in training colleagues and junior consultants to assist in the growth of the team.

Liz has a passion for wildlife and music and in her spare time enjoys bushwalking, hiking and playing music (though not at the same time).