Team Member Profile – Matt Findsen | Co-Founder & Director









Matt’s focus in the business, as a Director and Co-Founder is centred around both Finances and Operations. Customer and supplier relationships dominate Matt’s “in the business” time when he’s not jointing working “on the business” with his Co-Founder Adam.

All Clear’s continued growth into new markets, with an ever expanding service suite comes from the unwavering passion and ambition of its Directors. Matt is passionate about business but also the All Clear team. He provides guidance, support and gives team members, many of whom who have no background in business the opportunity to get involved in service development and deployment.

Prior to starting the business in 2016, Matt worked in the fast-paced industry of Telecommunications in senior positions. Prior to that experience within the Construction and mass-Market retailers has given him knowledge of how many varied businesses operate.

When he is not working on his business interests, you’ll find Matt spending time Mountain biking or Motor racing.