Team Member Profile – Miles Keven | Healthy Homes Assessor









Before joining All Clear Miles was in telecommunications, specialising in cable networks and rural broadband. For the last twenty years he has lived in the small north-Auckland town of Wellsford, where he and his wife Cathleen raised three children while renovating a rambling villa from 1920, which they still call home.

In his spare time, Miles loves to indulge his passion for hiking, particularly in the picturesque Dome Valley near where he lives, or on the many bush-clad trails of the Waitakere Ranges near Auckland. Miles has a passion for music which came from being raised in a musical family, where his dad was a professional drummer, and his favourite genre is 50s and 60s Jazz. Another favourite pursuit is classic cars, and at present, he is restoring a 1947 Ford V8.

Miles has always enjoyed the customer service aspect of his work, and looks forward to bringing this to his customers at All Clear.