Team Member Profile – Renée Leslie | Junior Consultant









Renée graduated from the University of Auckland in 2019 with a BSc (majoring in Biological Sciences) and was recognised in High School for her interest in conservation.

Working to highlight environmental issues and to enhance sustained long-term protection policies has led Renée into a future-focussed career in the field. She is working as a junior consultant for All Clear, conducting field work in and around Auckland. She is particularly interested in both the environmental and societal impacts across the service suite.

Renée has an extensive background and success in numerous sports. Her interest in everything equestrian has seen her develop a wide show-jumping resume. Despite having been hospitalised for two weeks in 2014 after a serious equestrian accident, she continues to ride for pleasure.

When Renée isn’t riding she can be found skateboarding or listening to vinyls. Her grazed knees and eclectic music playlist are testament to this!