Team Member Profile – Susan Rogers | Customer Engagement and Operations Lead









Susan answers your calls and emails, processes your work orders, then sends the All Clear team members out to all corners of the greater Auckland area.

She is passionate about making order out of chaos with schedules, so does her magic to ensure that urgent last-minute and far-away requests fit in just as nicely as the jobs next door.

Susan is dedicated, hardworking and well organised, making her ready and willing to do her utmost to make things happen for you. She is also kind, compassionate and able to laugh (which keeps her sane!)

Her career has seen her move quickly into different leadership roles, including over fifteen years with Vodafone, Susan has frequently been recognised for her dedication to going ‘above and beyond’.

At home Susan is a wife and a mum, and if there is any time left after that, she loves to lift weights and jump around a Crossfit box.