The Art of Scheduling and Customer Experiences.

By Susan Rogers – Customer Engagement & Operations Lead

To create that great customer experience, we need the schedule to work harmoniously between the customer need and the business need. For the customer, it is clear we need to be practical, knowledgeable, and efficient. On time every time, ready to complete the work and able to answer any questions.


For me, it’s about understanding their requirements and matching that to the strengths within our team, providing the customer with solutions and assurance we will get their job done well and in a timely manner.


Scheduling has always been a combination of art and science.  There are key fundamentals that you must complete to ensure the practical work gets covered but there is also the balance of personalisation that makes your schedule just that little bit better for everyone involved.

Its important to remember that the schedule affects both the customer and the person working within it.


Engaging your workforce and allowing flexibility in their schedule can lead to a more productive and positive team that ultimately flows on to the customer experience.

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