We are announcing some important and exciting changes to our smoke alarm service

Today we are announcing some key changes to our our market leading smoke alarm compliance service.

Since we launched our service in 2018 we have assessed tens of thousands of properties and tested hundreds of different devices – Its fair to say what works well and what doesn’t.

Over the last six months we have been working with a leading global manufacturer of Smoke Alarms to produce our very own 10 Year Sealed Battery Photoelectric Smoke Alarm.

Introducing the All Clear ACGL-001PE

From today we are making the following changes

  • We are streamlining our price point to $86.91 Ex GST for our market leading subscription service, this will mean a small number of clients on our 2018 pricing model will see a marginal increase to $86.91 Ex GST.
  • We are transitioning from Cavius devices to our own 10 Year Sealed Battery Photoelectric Smoke Alarm (All Clear ACGL-001PE) 
  • We are moving to Unlimited devices (if required for compliance) on our market leading subscription service.
  • Our casual service pricing remains unchanged at $69.95 Ex GST.
  • Device pricing also remains unchanged at $39.95 Ex Gst.

And don’t forget our first of its kind integration with TPS covering both Healthy Homes & Smoke Alarms, which saves
our clients significant time

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And don’t forget our new Auto-Renew feature for clients who want the option of added convenience of automatically renewing their subscription smoke alarms when they fall due for reassessment.

This optional feature can be enabled at either a Branch or Property Manager level.

Here’s how it works 

Once you have registered as an Auto-Renew client

  • Courtesy reminders will be still issued on the 23rd of each month for the following calendar month
  • In accordance with your instructions to Auto Renew, we will attend to these properties in the next month, without needing a work-order (or written instructions)
  • Any lost management or service cancellations need to be processed in the All Clear Services Portal (ACSP) by the client before the end of month in which the courtesy reminders are sent
  • You must use best endeavors to keep tenant details up to date in ACSP
  • You will notify us promptly of any change of tenancies and subsequent tenant details
  • You will accept and settle any invoices for any assessments undertaken where you have not advised us of a lost management or service cancellations by end of month in which the courtesy reminders are sent

Please contact us and take advantage of this new, time saving feature 

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